• KOROstyle

    A 5th dimensional entity manifested on earth to guide the ascension process of those in need through melody and vibration.
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About KOROstyle

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Sadyr Diouf is the individual in which the creative spirit of KORO resides...


Coming from France, of Senegalese decent, he is a young artist experiencing his highest excitement through music and the arts. With a background in breakdance, music and graffiti the entity has manifested through different art forms creating a online casino sense of KOROstyle. The music, the dance, the art represent the online casino mediums in which the mindstate of the entity KORO expresses itself.

His tracks are a collision of soft, angelic melodies with heavy, gritty baselines. Being a B-BOY, the rhythm and flow of his sounds keep people moving... KOROstyle continues to lash out heavy electronic music of various sorts.ENJOY the space melodic sounds of KORO.